Gambrels of the Sky

Quilt Parade: Part Three

Okay, one more round of quilts to finish off this series. If you want to start from the beginning, go back to Quilt Parade: Parts One and Two.

Last fall, I participated in the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt project. Hunter posts instructions each week for a discrete section of the quilt, but the quilters don’t know what the project as a whole will look like until the end. I followed along, and it was fun, but I didn’t end up loving the final product. I tried a few different variations, including these two

before settling on the version below. I do like the way it turned out, but it’s one of the few quilts I’m not sure what to do with.

I made a few other quilts to hang in the house last winter. This is another lantern quilt (see Part Two) made to showcase some beautiful metallic threaded fabric. I added the tassels and the hanging cords after it was quilted.

This next quilt is another Camp Sitchee Gummee creation. It’s made using Ricky Tims’ Kaleidoscope technique. All seven of us in attendance made our own versions, and they all ended up very different. This quilt proved to me once and for all that I am no perfectionist. In order to get everything to line up and lie (relatively) flat, I had to perform some emergency quilt surgery at the end of the process. I won’t tell you where, though.

This year brought another big round of babies for my friends and family. I made this modified log cabin out of flannel for my friends Devin and Kirsten and their Idaho daughter, Agnes.

Three sets of friends had their second daughters over the last year. As a middle child myself, I would never neglect to give the second baby a quilt! This chevron quilt was made for Baby Gemma, daughter of Pam and Will. I really like the bubbly quilting.

I made this half-square triangle quilt for my friend Theresa, and her second daughter, Noelle. The woman at the fabric store looked skeptical when I told her these colors were for a baby quilt, but I think they work.

The quilt below is for Luna, Scott and Julie’s second daughter. It was a fun one to make, and I got to use up a lot of my green and blue scraps. Notice the sea turtles in the quilting.

Big sister, Alzette, also got a matching mini-quilt with her name written on it in glow-in-the-dark thread.

This yellow and orange quilt is made from the pieces of an abandoned larger project I started years ago. I don’t have a specific purpose for it yet, but it may someday belong to a baby.

Finally, I made this rose garden quilt for our first niece on Dave’s side, the beloved Penny. It tooke me a long time and a lot of trial and error to figure out how to assemble the blocks. Here are a couple of pictures from the process as well as the final product. My tiny collection of pink fabrics got a boost from this quilt!

Just a couple more. I finished these last two shortly before we left the country while I was trying to clear all the old projects out of my sewing room. They are two of my favorites. First is this smallish paper-pieced quilt made from silk I dyed with my mom a while back. We used a dying method that involved heating the fabric in the microwave. There are three different varieties/textures of silk here. It was the first time I designed my own paper-pieced block and my first time quilting with silk. When I laid it out, I was thinking loosely of birds.

Last but not least is another blue and green quilt. I designed this pattern myself using quilting software. The piecing was a bit tricky because each block contains several Y-seams, but I got the knack of it eventually. I added the second, darker blue, lattice at the last minute when I thought it needed something more.

So there you have it, (almost) all the quilts I have ever made. Once I’m reunited with my sewing machine, I’ll post some updates. Compiling all these pictures has made me think about all the people who have not yet received a quilt…