Gambrels of the Sky

Quilt Parade: Part Two

Onward with some more quilts! If you want to start at the beginning of the catalogue of the quilts I’ve made, go back to Quilt Parade Part One.

In 2012 and 2013, I made a few quilts to hang on the walls. Here is a simple half-square triangle quilt made with hand-dyed fabric. It has now hung in two different guest rooms.

This stacked line quilt was an attempt to replicate one I saw online. I just winged it with the technique, which didn’t yield the straightest results, but oh well. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally, but I prefer the former.

This next “paperweight” quilt is based on a pattern by Aardvark Quilts, but I modified it to avoid inset seams. The fabrics come entirely from my mom’s collection. We had fun choosing deliberately odd patterns to go together. I made this one during an intense sewing week at a Residence Inn suite in Michigan. My sister, mother, and I had a week to kill between the bachelorette party of my sister-in-law, Jen, and the wedding itself, so we used the time wisely. You can see the green hotel carpet peeking around the edges of the quilt in the picture.

I based the colors for the king-size quilt below on the oriental rug Dave and I had in our bedroom when we lived in Madison. Then I ran out of one of the key fabrics, and, by the time I finished the quilt, we no longer had the rug. But it’s still a nice way to showcase some really pretty fabrics, which you can see up close in the second picture.

But the lantern quilt has never actually made it to our bed because this very special king-size “broken pickle dish” quilt is blocking its path. It was made for us as a wedding gift. I chose the most time-consuming, difficult paper-pieced quilt I could find for my wedding quilt, knowing that many people would be working on it. Look at all those tiny triangles! I think about 15 people contributed blocks to this quilt, including me. It has wool batting and is both light weight and warm. I love it.

While we’re on the subject of paper-piecing, I made this next quilt from a paper-pieced block called “Icky Thump,” after a White Stripes song. It was a gift for Doug and Martha Lee, Dave’s parents (who have no particular association with the White Stripes). I tried to pick colors to match the inside of their refined and airy home.

I made a few other gifts around the same time. Here is a “One Block Wonder” for my pal, Jessica. She requested red as a theme color, but I couldn’t seem to get away from multicolored fabric. This quilt is made using the same technique as the One Block Wonder described in the previous post.

This next small quilt was made purely to show off some snow-dyed fabric I made a few winters ago. It is a single piece of fabric cut to add a simple white lattice. Making snow-dyed fabric requires squirting dye on top of fabric that has been packed in snow. As the snow melts, the dye is released onto the fabric at different speeds, which creates the marbling effect you see here. I have a bunch more snow dyed fabric in my collection waiting for me to think of a project worthy of it.

Here’s another little one. This is a mini quilt I made as a thank-you present for Sheryl, a professor at Alverno College who coached me through an ESL internship.

Finally, this quilt is made of thick marbled flannel and backed with a soft minky fabric. It was a gift for my friend, Faith, who went through chemotherapy last year.

That does it for Quilt Parade: Part Two. Tune in next time for the third, and final, installment.