Gambrels of the Sky


I’m working on a few longer posts, but I thought I’d write a couple of quick ones in the meantime. I did add some pictures to my first two posts, so if you want to check them out, please do.

And now I present some more pictures with a little commentary.

Here’s Dave in Rotterdam. He had a job interview there last week, so I came along as a sightseer. He’s standing here in front the famous Cube Houses—and also some hideous adjoining building with upside down-looking windows. Rotterdam is famous for its post-modern architecture, which was built after the older architecture in the city was almost completely destroyed by WWII bombing. Here are the Cube Houses up close. People actually live in these things.

I read somewhere that the Cube House complex is supposed to make you feel as though you’re in a forest, and it kind of does. A yellow and concrete forest. There is a sign on one of the buildings that says: “He, wat is dit? Is dit nou een paleis of is dit een kermis?” This translates to “Hey, what is this? Is this a palace or is this a circus?” It’s a fair question, as the Cube Houses do make you feel topsy turvy (floors?) and slightly creeped in a lost-in-urban-planning kinda way.

Actually, my main impression of Rotterdam was that it kept trapping us in its webs of buildings. It’s as though the architects were so sure we’d want to wander around the local shopping octagon FOREVER that they made it impossible to find our way out. Accidental or tactical? We’re totally on to you, Rotterdam.

But the weather was beautiful, the interview went well, and the public art was delightful.

(Left) Puppy and poop, obviously. (Right) Rotterdam Markthal, massive, amazing open-space market.